How I became a girl into ‘The Game’

Undercover in the PU Industry

I get asked a lot how I wound up being a Dating Expert. Even more so how I ended up being a part of “The Game”. I genuinely thought I was going to end up working in publishing. I even did an internship at Puffin for Christ’s sake!

If you have been wondering the same thing, I have the answers for you!

Check this interview with a Bona Fide Pick UP Artist Ratisse where I give the definitive version of my story.

Plus tips on

  • What makes a guy sexy
  • How you can be attractive to anyone – regardless of what you look like.
  • What girls can learn from ‘The Game’.  Because being sorted with your dating life isn’t just for the boys!

My journey started in a rather unorthodox way. From assuming the role of crusader against pick up industry to becoming a ghostwriter, female PUA and eventually a dating coach, it has been anything but boring.

While working in the industry, I worked on myself and went from approaching people only in the clubs to feeling free to do so in the middle of day! I had a great experience because I knew I had something to bring to the table, I knew my values and I was willing to take the risk.

So remember today to VALIDATE YOURSELF, feel awesome and get in touch with me to let me know how you’re taking ACTION to keep it REAL, RISKY AND ROCKING in your dating life.

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