How to avoid pouty girls in nightclubs

Do you HATE nightclubs?

If so you are not alone… and aside from the loud music, overpriced drinks and grumpy door staff, girls in the nightclubs can be so unfriendly. Like beyond unfriendly. Like SNOOTY, POUTY AND STRAIGHT UP MEAN.

I want you to help them to turn their frown upside down! So today I have a quick little tip to help you make the women you like, like you.

First things first let’s address the obvious reasons why they’re outwardly mean:

  1. Nightclubs are aggressive places. Attractive women will have also hated the door staff, the drink spillage on their dress, the obnoxious music and the overcrowding.
  1. Nightclubs tell women bitchy is cool. Chances are she’s invited to that club because she is attractive. Then she’s surrounded by a bunch of other attractive women. It’s competitive and bitchy like a sorority and in short neurosis city. Under those conditions being defensive is not a bad option.
  1. Nightclubs are full of men who are easy to mistake for meeting the same man on repeat. A guy comes over, is kinda drunk, says something the woman deems to be offensive/ unfunny/ annoying = and it repeats. Soon all men blur into one another and she’s sick of men.

So to stop her being a MEANIE you have to NOT BE THAT NIGHTCLUB GUY.

In some clubs (let’s call them cattle markets) a ‘grabby’ approach on the dance floor makes sense. It’s all a bit tribal. However, for the ‘elite’ (I use that word very loosely) clubs where bottles of alcohol are put on tables for grossly inflated prices bowling up to a woman who is surrounded by a tight-knit privileged group of glitterati clubbers is going to be a bad move.

In the words of the spice girls, you gotta get with her friends!


You do this by chatting to guys/women you’re not so attracted to, in a way that is friendly and open BUT that also shows you have self-esteem and something to offer.


If you’re from a foreign country mention how awesome it is there and how they should visit.

Perhaps you prefer a different venue, then tell them that’s better and they should check it out.

If you do something neat in your spare time, talk about how you way prefer painting/ programming/ CrossFit to this BS.

When they think ‘ah-ha this person is cool’ they’ll automatically want to introduce you to their friends…. There’s a nifty line to help you get into the group too but I’m going to save that one for my subscribers 😛

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Hayley Quinn

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