How to Make Science Cool

Let’s talk chemistry

Over the next few months, I’m going to be sharing with you some blogs giving you ideas on how you can make non-girl-friendly topics of conversation into ones women want to listen to. Today I will talk about making science a hot and sexy topic. But first some disclaimers…

1. Of course, there are tons of female scientists/ buffs/ fans out there that will know more about science than you do – so this is a generalisation and I love the women who break the rule.

2. It’s never about the topic of conversation. It’s about how you talk about it, and how you relate it to her. Think of it less about picking the right pieces of information, more about presenting information the right way.

Anyway tip time..!

Use analogies.

I’ve recently been reading the BRILLIANT ‘A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking, who manages to analogise the expansion of the universe and redshift to an expanding balloon. GENIUS.

Balloons are objects that are recognisable and understood. Everyone’s seen a balloon! So a complex principle becomes easy to understand and fun. Again, not implying here that women need things dumbed down to them- but it’s sensible practice if you know more about a subject than another person (regardless of gender) to use analogies.

Make it relevant to the conversation.

Science is a great subject to link to dating. If you haven’t read ‘Sperm Wars‘ or ‘The Red Queen‘ yet DO IT. Cram your minds with handy pop-science facts to chuck in there on the subject of dating.

The ideas in both books may not be 100% accurate but the concepts (like humans are programmed to be monogamous – with a strong side of infidelity) make for really engaging discussion and jump out of the science bracket and cross with psychology, sociology and general opinion about how we as humans get by.

Use demonstrations.

Putting mentos in a coke bottle probably isn’t the right way to go here but anything that can be physically demonstrated is more powerful.

Don’t worry you don’t need to cart a bunsen burner around with you but you can stop her on a walk back from your date and do a nice bit of stargazing.

Remember women don’t like men who try to choose topics of conversations to please them. Please yourself first, and involve/ educate her, and she will see you in that masculine, sexy way, you want. But if you are ever in doubt, check in with me through my Hayley Quinn Club!

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