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She’s busy- how to talk to her

Well done for getting to this stage- PHEW!

I just wanted to share with you a quick tip for when you approach a woman and you connect, but she’s busy. And this is for when she is obviously, genuinely, racing off somewhere.

In this frame of mind, she’s going to struggle to really hear what you’re saying and gel with you because there’s a metaphorical alarm clock going off in her head saying ‘I need to get to x,y,z NOW’.

Everyone knows this feeling.

Being flirted with when you’re in a zone of blind panic about being late for something generally means no matter how awesome the guy is you’re not going to be able to recognise this.

The workaround your side is to clock that she’s a little stressed and once the immediate concern of being late is solved, that she’ll be able to re-focus on you.

So rather than trying to sneakily stall her and keep her…

Instead, offer her a solution like:

Hey you’re really busy so how about I walk you to the end of the street…

…walk with you for two minutes’.

‘...walk you a little way towards where you’re going‘.

Then you can compliment her on her power walk and say:

I’m glad I got to steal two more minutes to get to know you better.

By doing this you say to the woman:

  • I am aware of your stress and helping you to manage it rather than adding to it.
  • I have a sincere interest in getting to know you.
  • I’ve noticed you*

(* remember noticing her/ knowing her is a key piece of attraction)

This way even if she’s busy she can notice YOU. So you get to be the sexy guy, instead of the guy who’s left standing on the pavement watching her walk off and thinking ‘maybe…‘.


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