New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions You Should Keep

Some New Year’s resolutions are pointless but if you want to meet more women there are some I’d love you to keep.

1. Just say YES & leave the house

Not sure if I said this strongly enough so let me repeat: GET OUT, EXIT, VAMOS.

Because nothing exciting ever happened to people sat on the sofa.

If you’re best friends with your Playstation, always hang with the same friends, or stay in for daft excuses like it’s a bit nippy outside, get a grip, get motivated and get out there. This is the first and most blindingly obvious principle of meeting more women.

2. Don’t rule women out who you don’t fancy

This is controversial but if you have a good connection with a woman but don’t really fancy her it is dumb to not pursue the friendship. I know you might think ‘what’s the point’ if she’s not a girl you’d want to pursue but there is a lot of sense in having female friendships.

Women often select guys from their friendship circles – in fact, this is still the number 1 way people meet one another. Having a female friend who you have a moderately flirtatious, tight relationship with says to other women she knows that you have one big verified tick by your name.

The approval of her friend makes you sexier and if you get on with a girl, but don’t fancy her, there’s a good chance you’ll also click with her friends… who maybe will be more your type. So, build social bonds, accept connections and don’t dismiss people.

3. Don’t pursue dead options

If there’s been a girl who you’ve liked for a while and it’s been somewhat off and on then just drop it. Instead of agonising over whether there was some special new meaning in that text, she sent you, whether her mind may just have changed, whether as she’s broken up with her boyfriend… just STOP.

You’re putting yourself in a passive position where she is choosing you and you’re waiting on the sidelines whilst time just ticks away…

Time is our one big limitation so make sure you use yours wisely!

If you need help with making dating one of your New Year’s resolutions, Hayley Quinn Club is the best place to start!

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