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Non-CREEPY ways to APPROACH her

April 8, 2014
▪ 2 mins read

Do women find it creepy when guys approach them?

I'm gonna actually runt a bit in this blog and video but I want you to pay attention to it. I want you to know that there is a creepy way of doing things and a non-creepy way of doing things. And it might not be what you expect.

So here's a fun little example.

I went that the Mac store recently because my computer's been on the verge of life. I need it and love it so I checked it in. I got the map back within a couple of hours refurbished. Then later that day I get a Facebook request from one of the guys in the Mac store. And I'm like okay bit strange but fair enough. Then I get a Facebook message. Then I get a text. Followed by an email. And then I get an email from one of his colleagues. And I'm thinking this is not part of Apple's policy for follow up aftercare and that is creepy.  

The funny thing is I liked the guys that were serving me I thought they were cool. But their behaviour came across as creepy because they weren't upfront about what they were doing. And this is what creeps women out. It's when they know that you fancy them but you're trying to kind of sneak in. Or they're not comfortable with being honest and open about it. what's far less creepy is the guy says midway in the conversation when he's talking to you: "By the way, you know got a great smile!"

Or if a guy comes up to you and says: "This is crazy but you know I saw you and I love the way you walk. I thought I have to come and speak to that girl!"

Creepy v Non-CREEPY ways of approaching

When you're honest and upfront and direct about your intentions you're not creepy. Instead, you're transparent and it shows very, very strong degrees of self-awareness and self-esteem. This usually makes the woman you like to take a little intake of breath and creates a nice tension. Here she can appreciate that she's in the presence of a man who's very in touch with his sexuality.  

So, you happen to be speaking to someone or you're doing something transactional or you know she's a friend of a friend. Then you try to wiggle your way into her life before you tell her that you like her, that can come across as creepy.

Or worst of all for you guys it cannot come across as creepy to and she thinks great I've got an awesome friend or an awesome contact at the Mac store. And you then end up wind up frustrated because she hasn't chosen to be with you. So, the great way to avoid not only being creepy but the friend zone is to get more upfront about what your intentions are. Focus on being able to look at women in the eyes when you first approach her. Tell her not exactly what you're thinking but let her know that you're attracted to her. That you areinterested in her and this isn't a friend thing. This isn't an IT support contact thing. This is an "I want to date you" thing!

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