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Personalise your compliments and watch her reaction change

No woman likes getting "chatted up"...

July 17, 2015
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...but all women want to have a great connection with a guy they find sexy. As well as receive nice compliments!  

If you use the BS line she's heard before, if you kid around with her and never establish something real & if she thinks she's the 20th girl you've spoken to that night she's not going to be interested.  

This is why you learning to pay specific compliments is so important.

Believe it or not, a woman would rather hear that she has:

  • A dorky elf nose.
  • A habit of finishing all your sentences.
  • The worst ability to get your jokes.

Then that she is the ultimate goddess with infinite beauty*.  

(*ok this is nice too but only when you've got to know a guy and he's appreciated all the weird, individual quirks that make you an imperfectly perfect person.)  

Most men won't pay an individual compliment as it feels 'riskier' and sometimes they have no idea how to come up with these weird and fantastical observations.  

I can tell you now that if this is you, a lot of good can come from just listening. Most of the time you may be so 'in your head' conscious of everything that you're saying to stop and think

'oh there's a nice lady in front of me and she's trying desperately to communicate who she is.'

That's right! Rather than being vapid, inscrutable, or just mean most women want to be understood. They want just one guy to 'get' why they are so awesome just for being them. If you are that guy and see her clearly then you've got the beginnings of something great.  


Hayley x  

P.S. I have some great videos on how to talk to women, including giving them compliments. Watch them in my Hayley Quinn Club. The trial membership is only £1 for 7 days!

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