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Put the Phone down! Great Places to Meet More Women

Meet More Women Offline

October 10, 2014
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If you’re on my blog I’m going to guess it’s because you’re not meeting enough of the women, you want (or this was some seriously random googling). So ask yourself, do you want to meet more women and how do you want to meet them?

I understand that bowling up and saying `hi’ can feel like the hard bit but right place, the right time is important.

So, let’s swap a few of your social habits around and make sure you’re at least seeing enough women who make you wanna...

1. Go to places where she hangs out

If she’s a vibrant, cool woman she is not spending her weekend on her sofa. So if that’s where you are currently spending yours (or down the same bar, with the same friends) I’d rate your chances of meeting her as ZERO.

It’s time to get into the mind of a sexy babe and think laterally where is she spending her time: is that the hip new hotel bar that’s just opened, or the art gallery with the fashion exhibition?

Know what is going on in your local area religiously and then plan your time ... otherwise, you’ll get sucked into your old habits, your computer, your Xbox, your mate’s...

So go lead a sexy, interesting life where your passions match hers.

2. Look up.

Your commute to work, in the queue buying your morning coffee, in the grocery store (or supermarket as we Brits call it) women make up a sexy 50% of the population.

If you don’t ever notice anyone a. you’re not looking hard enough

b. you need to work on switching your sexual energy back on (a few dry months and that goes out) c. you need to learn some skills to say hello to any woman anywhere (that’s where I come in)

3. Take up a girl-friendly hobby.

Check this out...she doesn’t think you’re lame for going to spin, Salsa or yoga... she thinks `wow who’s that awesome guy who likes the same thing as me!’

So as a THANK YOU to you for reading this blog any of you who can get to central London can have a FREE YOGA class on me.  

Yup, my friends at Yotopia Mercer St, Covent Garden, London have kindly agreed to give a free class to all my followers if you use the discount code, Hayley when signing up for a class.

So have fun (& a little flirt) on me

Hayley xx

And if you want to meet more women looking to date right now, join my Hayley Quinn Club and come to my monthly social events!

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