sexual confidence

Sexual Confidence – The Secret To Feeling More Confident With Women

Sexual Confidence


If you want to be confident with women when it comes to approaching and dating them there is definitely a big component of that… Sexual Confidence! Sexual confidence is about walking into a room radiating masculine energy. 

In this post, I want to share with you a golden piece of advice about how you can start to exude sexual confidence: without spending a moment with her in the bedroom. 

Let’s start with something I’ve been talking to you about a lot recently, STANDARDS



Standards in dating simply mean that beyond physical attraction you also expect a certain level of behaviour and connection from the women you’re dating. e.g. She couldn’t make time for a date with you? NEXT, because she didn’t meet your standards. 

Holding standards in dating is easier said than done.  When you’re not getting all that many opportunities with women it can feel impossible to discriminate when an opportunity comes up. In fact, you may want to do anything to make it work with an attractive woman who has shown you interest. 

However, this desire to make it work with her, and show her what a great match you are, can often create a landslide of unattractive behaviours. Chasing her even when she’s not being responsive, agreeing to be her friend instead of communicating you want more, sexual neediness etc. 

Instead, I want you to work towards being able to walk away when she isn’t able to meet your standards and towards the many women who can, and who are excited to meet you.



So how do we get there and how does this relate to sexual confidence? 


  • When you exhibit standards (and know when to drop it) this sub-communicates to her ‘I have options…’ 

  • This can happen from the moment you walk into a room. Think about how you feel after you’ve had a great interaction with a woman or a great sexual experience, I bet how you walk into a room then is different! This is sexual confidence. 

  • Having strong self-esteem also helps you to enact these standards. The more time you hold standards for yourself, the stronger your self-esteem will get.


And here’s the big one… you can also develop this self-esteem boosting sexual confidence without a girlfriend, or female partner: there are daily practices you can do to build this sense of core confidence and yup sexiness within yourself.

But I’m not the right person to teach you this! 


sexual confidence


Advice from the expert


However, I know a lady who can. 

Recently I did an interview with my friend and Founder of Tantric Activation, Sarrah Rose. In this exclusive interview we talked about:

  • How to build your sexual confidence

  • What makes women excited to see you again

  • Daily practices that you can get to exude that masculine energy! 


Sarrah likens exuding sexual confidence to being like a UFC fighter. If Connor McGregor walks into a bar he gives off a ‘don’t f*ck with me’ vibe…. Having sexual confidence will give you an, ‘I’m secure in myself and my sexuality’ vibe that other people will just pick up on. 


This isn’t ‘fake’ confidence either: like how some guys may come across as arrogant because that’s what they think women like. Quite the opposite – it’s about feeling deep confidence within yourself. 



Working on your sexual confidence will help to 10x your dating life in so many ways:


  • Improved ability to walk into a room and approach women you’re attracted to.

  • More comfortable initiating physical touch and flirtation on dates. 

  • Less time spent overcompensating by trying to fake ‘cocky funny’ or some other ‘technique’ you get to be the real deal. 


If you would like to learn more, check my previous interview with Sarrah here or email us to learn more!

Hayley x


Hayley Quinn

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