Swept Off Her Feet

She Wants to be Swept Off Her Feet

Prince Charming?

Walt Disney has a lot to answer for! Personally, for me one of his top crimes is conditioning people to have seriously unrealistic romantic expectations. Including, but not limited to every woman wanting to be swept off her feet.

If you’ve ever wondered why…

  • Being a nice guy doesn’t work.
  • Letting her decide doesn’t work.
  • The thought of you wooing multiple women makes her want to throttle you.

You might want to look at any Disney film, ever. The movies tell women to expect one day (if we look enough like a princess) that we are going to be swept up one day by some amazing man who will love only us, and who will save our whole life.

So no pressure! But that’s why….

  • She doesn’t want a guy to pussyfoot around her and tentatively build bridges. It’s annoying but that doesn’t just scream LOVE OF MY LIFE to her mind. So being bolder often works better.
  • I know that by offering her to meet her where she likes, to do something that she likes, you’re basically being the greatest guy ever- however, this won’t be appreciated until later on in your relationship. At the start, too much choice doesn’t feel SWEEPY enough and can make her feel less attracted to you.
  • She is going to struggle to get down with the idea of you seeing other women/ even being attracted to other women. What may seem biologically unrealistic is what she’s been taught to expect. If you’re into her enough you will focus on pursuing her. If you’re not then she’ll want to go find a truer knight.

Does she really want to be swept off her feet?

I could go on about the ways Disney has made your dating life harder… but really before you burn your Lion King DVD think about how the stories we’ve loved have shaped our ideas on romance, and use it to empower you to understand her. Sweep her off her feet.

When you do, and you can demonstrate that to her, you will be the guy that rocks her world. To do this please check out my member’s area – I have advice on there that can turn this all around for you!

Hayley Quinn

Hayley Quinn is an internationally recognised dating coach and founder of the UK’s largest dating coaching company. She has over 2 Million views on her TED talk and over 100,000 YouTube subscribers.

She is the spokesperson for Match, the biggest online dating platform in the world. She has been featured on BBC1, Sky and Channel 4 and is a regular columnist for Cosmopolitan and a contributor to yahoo!style.

Her first fiction book “The Last First Date” has been published by Harper Collins and her non-fiction book “Do This Not That” (Simon & Schuster) is due for publication in early 2023.

Her goal is to bridge the gap with modern dating and help inspire people to learn to love dating.

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