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TAKE ACTION: it's the worst day of the year

Blue Monday has landed!

January 19, 2015
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And it has a lethal cocktail of factors that will make you depressed. So if you're feeling blue today you're not alone. If it feels like the worst day of the year: you're not getting the results you want, there's not enough to motivate you with your career or everything is great... but you don't have the girl then you can and will get down.  

So to keep you motivated (because women need to know you exist) here are 3 fail-safe strategies for dealing with the blues.

1. Create change.

The sensation of groundhog day sends most people into a deep depression. You're a man and you're supposed to want to be challenged and grow.  

At times in your life where you feel stuck and bored, there are small steps you can take to get this sorted.  

You may be desperate to get the girl but right now work means you don't see daylight. There isn't an immediate fix to this but if you consciously start moving things around to create that time in your schedule, it will feel like you're taking control. And that feeling will kick the blues.

2. Get perspective.

If you're comfy enough to read this blog chances are it ain't so bad for you. We live in a developed country, with freedom, clean air and the ability to have warm food every day. The icing on the cake factors in life - like great relationships- may be missing. But you have the basics for a successful life- and in all likelihood- you won them in the lottery of life, then you worked hard to get where you are today. YOU'RE ALREADY DOING 90% OF THE THINGS YOU NEED TO DO TO FIND HER.  

So rather than dwelling on what you don't have yet be grateful for everything you do have and recognise the value you've built into your life already which will make you attractive to her.

3. Change is inevitable.

Change just happening has probably screwed you over in the past (people and life doesn't always play fair) but as the wheel always turns it will inevitably swing back into your favour. So if you're in a bit of a mental hole where you feel stuck, rest assured this can and will change. You're reading this blog because the cogs of change are already turning.  

EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY. So try to ride the wave of stagnation, recharge, & re-strategise about how to meet her. And know that if you ever feel alone you have a community waiting for you!

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