Getting Back Into Dating

Top 5 Tips When Getting Back Into Dating

My good friends at FREE online dating site Singles Warehouse dropped me a line with their Top 5 Tips for Getting Back Into Dating. I’ve also added some of my own suggestions. Hopefully, you’ll get a double whammy of tips here…

Getting back into dating after a break up can be hard work. No matter what the reason for the separation it takes time to heal and be ready to move on and find that special person. We’ve compiled a few top tips to help you on your way. Stay true to these and your journey of singles dating will help you find a loving and lasting relationship which will be an enjoyable one.

Top Tip 1: Be Open-Minded

We all want our Angelina Jolie or George Clooney right? There’s no shame in admitting we have standards but remember they have their off days also. One of the best ways to approach finding new friends and potential partners is to have an open mind. Do you make each other laugh? Do you feel safe and comfortable when with them? Where do your values sit? Don’t dismiss answering a message purely on looks alone.

Hayley Quinn Says: I agree! I think that having standards when you’re in a relationship is invaluable BUT until you’ve met that special person is open-minded, say ‘yes’ to invitations and give people a chance. There’s a very good reason why rabbits are a far more successful species than pandas! Until you’ve got all the dates you can handle say ‘yes’ rather than turn people down through fear of trying something new.

Top Tip 2: Self Worth

It’s important to remember that you are a great person and to value yourself. If you are dating someone who keeps messing you about after a first date it’s time to move on. Let’s be honest if they don’t ring or email when they say they it’s not going anywhere. They probably are not that into you. Cut your losses and move on. The search is meant to be fun so don’t hang around waiting for long.

Hayley Quinn says: Agree again! If you’re a guy take the initiative and set the date location, offering the woman a choice of a couple of days for linking up that suit YOU. Girls, if you say ‘yes’ to a date with a guy stand by those commitments.. there’s nothing more frustrating than a flake!

Top Tip 3: The Past Should Remain in The Past

We’ve all got history, a past that we’ve moved on from no matter what the reason. When on a date remember that it’s in the past for a reason. It didn’t work. The kiss of death on any date is to continually talk about your ex-partner. After all, it’s a date, not a counselling session.

Hayley Quinn Says: Talking about the past is fine to demonstrate what kind of a person you are: but unless you do it in a light-hearted and anecdotal tone you could come across as strung up on your ex. Which you’re not, right?!

Top Tip 4: Keep It in Your Pants

Whatever happens on the first date just remember to keep it in your pants. We all know those deep down primal urges exist but unless sex is the only thing you want from a relationship don’t jump into bed straight away. Allow some time to get to know the person instead. Let a guy chase a little bit also, the art of flirting is something that everyone should enjoy – so flirt…

Hayley Quinn says: For the red-blooded males out there a word of caution: if a woman feels like she’s overcommitted herself on a date with you (i.e. wound up in your bed the next morning) a lot of the time she will freak out and not call you, as she feels she’s given you the wrong idea. For women, guys are more open-minded than they used to be, but if you want a relationship then giving a chase STILL WORKS to steal his heart

Top Tip 5: Stay Positive

It’s important when you start dating again to stay positive. There are thousands of new people that sign up to online dating in the UK every day and not all of them are going to find you attractive. Just remember top tip 2 and the fact that there is someone out there for you.

Typically men on a dating site will contact a larger number of women and then refine their search. Woman, on the other hand, will spend more time fine-tuning their search to between 1 and 3 candidates. Staying positive means that no matter which side of the gender fence you reside you are ready for what comes your way. If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again….

Hayley Quinn says: Absolutely! There are tons of people out there if you stay positive, proactive and look in the right places!

If you want to learn more about how to kickstart your dating life and get back into dating, you know where to find me! 

Hayley Quinn

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