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Want a mobile date? Get Specific

Recently dating sites and dating apps have caught onto a fundamental principle behind successfully asking a girl out: BEING SPECIFIC. Want a mobile date? My top tip? Make a creative date that sells itself.

Mobile date

I was speaking via Skype to one of my clients in Madrid, and he recently took a girl to a private flamenco party…what girl isn’t going to be tempted by that?

You can always suggest a date that is a little left of centre. This doesn’t have to be expensive, or time-consuming though, in fact, it can be SUPER SIMPLE.

Instead of going for a Starbucks, suggest a non-chain coffee shop that does the best hot chocolate.

You were planing just a stroll in the park? How about you hire some bikes or a boat to up the romance factor?

Instead of meeting for something with a ‘vague’ description like ‘dessert’ give it a specific twist and ask her to meet you for strawberry cheesecake instead… instantly sounds more tempting.

Likewise don’t just ask to meet for a drink, or even for a cocktail: suggest rum & raisin daiquiris or watermelon martinis.

By being specific you win on several fronts:

1. A girl knows exactly what kind of a date she’s signing up for, and how long it’s going to last for, making it easier for her to commit to.

2. You’ll get a higher batting ratio of ‘yes’s’ as the dates sound more appetising.

3. You demonstrate your unique knowledge of your city and how you’re different from the ‘other guys’.

So next time you’re setting a date, whether it’s via text or an app, always BE SPECIFIC.

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