female fantasies

What you should know about female fantasies

Female fantasies

You probably know that attraction is a complex process for women. What you may not have realised is that women have extremely vivid imaginations when it comes to guys they like. So here is everything you need to know about female fantasies.

If she becomes attracted to you she will be daydreaming about you… but it won’t just be any old kind of daydream. This dream is precise and vivid.

Some dreams women I know/ I’ve had recently:

  • Imagining a guy clutching my hand and leading me through the crowd at an outside festival and seeing this representing his desire to be masculine and protect. THE SIGN that the relationship has transitioned from friendship >>> relationship.
  • Birds on the migratory flight out of the window whilst having passionate sex.
  • Kissing someone, regretting it, and then needing to kiss them again.

I wanted to share these fantasies with you so that you can understand that female attraction is a little bit more ‘360’ than you might have imagined it to be.

If you think she’s had a brief interaction with you and just thoughtlessly rejected you because she didn’t like your hair… I think you’re probably wrong.

Women have a way of evaluating situations which are quite alien to most men. It’s a complex 3D visualisation of what our lives might be like if we were to spend more time with you.

Of course, these fantasies are just that fantasies… and women can tend towards over analysing and over-interpreting (or men towards under analysing and under interpreting!).

How this affects you is threefold:

Getting hung up on that ‘one thing’ you didn’t quite say right is pointless. Women don’t care if you said the line wrong, they care about their overall impression of you.

Believing there is an overwhelming reason (‘I’m too short!!!!’) why she isn’t attracted to you is a great oversimplification of the process of attraction.

Believing you can control everything. You can’t. If her headspace isn’t an environment you’re compatible with at the moment you can’t change her mind.

What is better to focus on is being the clearest, best version of you so that she makes the best judgement/visualisation about how you relate to her.

To get those communication and social skills nailed so she understands you in the best way, check out my Attraction Loophole course.

Happy dreaming,

Hayley x

To learn more about what women think and how they think, have a look at my digital course designed for men and women called UNITE.

Hayley Quinn

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