vampires & psychopaths

Why do women fancy vampires & psychopaths?

This sounds silly but it’s true!

When asked what men in the movies/ TV series women were most attracted to they consistently said male characters who were vampires & psychopaths or not-very-nice guys (sometimes killers- gulp).

Really. So have all women gone crazy-cray or is there something you can learn about what character types make women go weak at the knees that don’t involve you becoming nocturnal and living in a castle? Read below for my 4 tips on adding a little vampire edge into your interactions with women

Before I give you my four tips first here’s a little history lesson so you understand that these characters are designed to be sexy to women.

Vampires first became ‘sexy’ when good old Bram Stoker re-told the legend of Count Dracula (and spiced it up a bit). His gothic book was meant to send Victorian women into a hot flush if you know what I mean. Back in the old days, you couldn’t just write a straight-up BDSM romp novel – think how Queen Victoria would have reacted to 50 Shades of Grey – EXACTLY. So instead you had to dress it up as ghouls in the night.

So DISCLAIMER vampires & psychopaths are fictional characters for a reason and I don’t want you to think that you need to be someone you’re not to attract women

But here are 4 tips that may just help you to borrow a bit of their bad-boy charm.

1. Protectors not killers

Yes, the sex appeal to women, OF COURSE, doesn’t come from the fact that these guys kill people – women aren’t that nuts. These guys generally are pretty kick-ass but they have a soft spot and a desire to protect the one woman that stands out to them.

Women like to feel your exact attention and focus especially if you’re a guy who doesn’t give that out freely.

2. Strong in his decisions

Can you see Don Draper suddenly just rolling over and letting another person have their way? Being sexy to women isn’t about being a complete jerk but it is about having values, beliefs and strength in your convictions.

So next time don’t change your mind to keep the peace- stand by what you think is right.

3. Unpredictable is sexy

If you do the same as all the other guys how can you expect to stand out from them?

Breaking patterns of behaviour and being unique is one of the fastest ways to stand out to women

They can’t give you the same responses if you don’t give them the same stimulus.

4. Sexy, sexy, sex.

Vampires are not likely to end up in the friend zone, are they? (to be fair if they did, I’d worry for the health of the other guy). That’s because these fictional characters aren’t afraid to show their feelings and go after what they want.

As a good guy, it is even more important that you are honest about your intentions so that women know you’re out there: and that sexy guys don’t always have to be idiots

If you think, there’s something we can learn from vampires (or if there is another fictional character that will always be sexy to women) share this blog!

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