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Why not buy drinks for girls

To buy drinks, or not to? That is the question!

Last week I uploaded a silly youtube video of a guy’s wallet exploding when he offered to buy drinks. I wouldn’t really advise dousing your wallet in lighter fluid unless you’re a professional. *But* I’d kinda like it if there was an anti-sugar daddy feature in most wallets.

Because buying drinks for girls is lame and genuinely won’t get you very far with anyone decent.

That’s not to say if you’re on a date with a girl you like you can’t buy her a drink. Likewise to those with girlfriends. But to walk up to a girl in a bar and have your initial gambit as ‘cosmopolitan or mojito’ you’re immediately attracting the wrong women and misrepresenting yourself.

What is the real cost of a drink?

Girls will smile and say ‘yes‘. But inwardly they’re thinking ‘sweet my good looks have got me free booze!’. Followed shortly by ‘how quickly can I escape before I have to schmooze this guy.’

And if girls do schmooze you AVOID any decent, self-respecting smart woman does not need to flirt for her dinner or drinks or holiday or whatever.

Personally I find as a woman if you do it leaves you with an unwashed feeling. You don’t want to engage with women who like this! Plus there are plenty of guys who buy girls drinks and you do nothing to distinguish yourself by the size of your wallet.

If you want a woman to be interested in you make the conversation about you and her. And if you buy the first drink make sure it’s with a caveat of ‘you can grab the next one‘.

The right tone for a relationship is one of equality not of larceny.

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