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Why You Don’t Need to be an Alpha Male

5 Reasons not to be an Alpha Male

Have you ever read a piece of dating advice that didn’t tell you that you need to be a beer-swilling, chest-beating alpha male?

Well, here it is!

If you’ve thought for years that you’re never going to succeed with women because you don’t conform to the typical ‘alpha male’ image I am here to tell you that a. isn’t true and b. could be holding you back from meeting women.

Here’s why…

1. Performing is never cool.

If you’re putting on an act (badly) feeling self-conscious that this wide-body language, booming voice thing seems a bit off for you – then she’ll be picking up on that insecurity.

Rather than performing for her, I’d advise just making sure you communicate yourself authentically and clearly.

2. Protective is better than machismo.

‘The true calling of the masculine is in the protection of the feminine’. (beautiful…)

So the next time you have your arms around her instead of seeing it as you being dominant think instead of you being respectfully protective of your joint space. 

3. Sometimes you gotta be vulnerable.

To make her trust you, open up to you, feel safe when you approach…guess what? It isn’t about coming across like a silverback gorilla! It’s about being someone she can look in the eyes and think ‘he’s a good guy’.

4. Sensuous touch isn’t a thump.

So yes something primaeval makes my head spin when a guy reaches around and pulls me close using the back of my head. *but* my eyeballs spin, even more, when he touches the underside of my arm in a way that no-one else in the bar knows we’re having a moment.

Hot physical touch is often subtle not overt.

5. Some women like a man who is in touch with his feminine side.

I’m a fully paid-up member of the ‘metrosexual’ man appreciation club. Flagrant use of beauty products, crying at a romcom, and knowing more about fashion than me is fine in my books. This may or may not be down to my Tomboy status.

Bottom line is that there are women out there who will be into you, for you! So you just don’t need to do anything *that* differently.

If you can take ownership of who you are, women will find that attractive whether you’re the alpha male or something completely different.

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Hayley Quinn

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