cheat over New Years

Women more likely to cheat over New Years

Data Doesn’t Lie!

Men are often thought of as the cheats of the sexes. So I’d thought I’d share analysis by dating app Clover.  After having over 150,000 people surveyed, they found out that it women, over Christmas and New Years who were most likely to cheat.

Now I don’t actually believe that either gender is more likely to cheat than the other. But I do think it’s true that men and women cheat for different reasons.

And as this infographic shows, if she cheats it’s really not because she just met someone sexier.

cheat over New Years

Source: Clover

Why is she more likely to cheat over holidays?

People get into ruts in their lives. Imagine she’s dissatisfied with her career, worried that every day is the same and feeling like she doesn’t have attention from you. Instead of analysing herself, it is almost human nature that she looks for a scapegoat or an easy change.

That easy change in might is you. Men in relationships tend to forget to keep wooing their female partner. This jars pretty strongly with her ideas about romance. The outcome? She may do something she later regrets.

Help her to second guess herself by taking her on that date.

This isn’t about you pussyfooting around and pandering to someone with one eye outside of the relationship. It’s about understanding that in relationships you have to continually re-choose one another… and if you don’t you’ll choose someone else.

Neither men nor women are born cheaters – but modern life makes it easy for us to go there. So always take a moment to evaluate what you want and give her the attention she needs to do the same.

For more suggestions on great date ideas and making sure she does not have a reason to cheat over New Years, feel free to contact me and book a private coaching session with me!

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