out of your league

You may think she’s out of your league but…

She’s not! And I’m going to tell you why she is NOT out of your league.

First of all (and this bit is important), you have to see you like the top of your own league: divvying yourself up against other people on grounds of looks, wealth or whatever is a sure-fire route to madness.

Plus she doesn’t see attraction this way and she might really, really want you to approach her.

You see her, sitting there looking all lovely and imagine that just around the corner is her 6’2″ boyfriend, who’s just out of sight checking over his Ferrari.

She, on the other hand, could just as well be thinking *sigh I wish I could meet a great guy* (ok so this does mean you need a few communications skills to get her to connect to why you are so awesome but there’s tons of those free for you to steal in my member’s Club).

I know this because I have a lot of female friends and clients. Apart from being smart and cool, there are some that are even former models with ‘legs for days’ who have one date every 4 years on average. Women spend long hours complaining about this stuff!

So just because your fear wants you to take two steps away, and your insecurities twist what you see to make you think she’ll never say yes… there are a bunch of women on the other side who want to meet a man just like you.

Hayley x

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