You’re not interrupting her

Fear of interrupting her is the main reason stopping guys from approaching.

Before this means you never approach a woman EVER… can we quickly examine what you’re interrupting her from?

Is she’s typing a text message? It’s unlikely to be an urgent SOS. Chances are it’s more of a boring flick through twitter/ replying session as she’s waiting for something more exciting to happen (like meeting you).

Is she’s with a friend? There’s probably a reason she’s not having drinks at home and is sat at the bar, wearing her favourite outfit.

Has she’s got her headphones in? Well, this is the only way to motivate yourself to walk around a city. Most of the time it doesn’t signal a complete unwillingness to engage with the outside world.

The thing that most guys don’t know is that these gorgeous women are walking around, getting on with their lives, building their dreams and waiting to meet an awesome man.

To be quite honest it gets pretty boring when a man doesn’t come along for a while. Many a time have I had a female friend come over, asked her about her love life, to hear her say ‘Oh nothing! Where are all the men?

The fact is she’s looking for you just as much as you’re looking for her.

She just feels the only way she can ‘participate’ in dating is to:

a. Turn up.

b. Be visible and attractive.

Because unfortunately, these are the rubbish tools society has so far given to women to engage in dating.

So you have to try to engage.

If she’s not interested in speaking to you – you are a nice respectful person- and you’ll just let her carry on her way.

But you owe it to yourself to try… and one day this will be the best thing anyone’s ever said to her.

Hayley x

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