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Whereas most other coaches gave me copy & paste advice that didn’t really fit my situation, Hayley took the time to listen and understand before coming up with an actionable plan. Highly recommend!


10 Week Dating Accelerator Programme

Academy is a 10-week dating training program for men who want to level up their confidence and find a high-quality girlfriend. You can follow Academy as a purely online course jam-packed with accountability exercises, master class webinars and 24/7 ‘coach in your pocket’ support. Or you can take things to the next level and join us for our 17+ hour immersion coaching weekend in London. The live coaching weekend is an opportunity for you to develop skills to meet women in real life. Hayley and her team of dating coaches will support you through a 3 part training (Friday night, Saturday day and night, and Sunday afternoon) in a variety of our favourite London venues and places. There is nothing like practical training for you to change lifelong (bad) habits in your dating life; and to start approach dating with confidence and conviction. Our next Academy starts on September 25th, and has a live coaching weekend scheduled for October 20th – 22nd in central London.

What makes academy so special?

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Academy is co-ed: during the course you will interact with our parallel women’s group in-person, so you can meet the women who are out there trying to meet you.

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Academy is about comradery: our past members still meet on a weekly basis! This isn’t just about meeting women, it’s about making friends and building your core confidence from the inside out.

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Academy  is 10 weeks long, creating the perfect amount of time to form new habits and make real change.

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Academy gives you the option to learn remotely from anywhere in the world, or join us for live training in London.

You’ll leave this place behind


You struggle to get dates with women you actually like.


You let opportunities to meet high quality women pass you by day in, day out.


You want to still be a good man but get that sexy edge of confidence.


You struggle to secure a second date, and don’t know how to make the conversation ‘sparky’.

And Arrive at a new way of thinking


Finally feel like you have the confidence and the know-how to approach the women you want.


Rapidly improve your conversation skills, ability to flirt, and personal style in this 360 life upgrade.


Meet women wherever you are (think coffee shops, bookstores, airplane lounges!) and not be limited to dating apps


Learn how to stand out from the other guys: this is all about showcasing your unique personality in a way women love.


Let’s make a huge change to your dating journey

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Februart 19th 2024 for 10 weeks

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Yes! Men have married women they met on Academy.

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  • Learn to love dating with Hayley Quinn’s newsletter, free video courses, and promotional emails. You can unsubscribe easily at any time and we never share your information with third parties. View our Privacy Policy.

Action-packed Agenda

Over 10 weeks you’ll learn how to meet women in real life, and build your core confidence.


Confidence Kickstarter

You begin the course by being entered into a 10 week long private chat group with the other Academy participants, Hayley Quinn and her coaching team. Imagine having the world’s best dating coaches on hand 24/7 access to give you advice on how to respond to her message and ask her out?

You will also get paired with an individual mentor from our coaching team to help guide you through the course.

Join our welcome mixer (online option available) with your Academy team mates and do your first few challenges.

Join our on first group coaching call on getting past your excuses, and finally taking action.


Online Dating Makeover

Get a full online dating and social media makeover by Hayley Quinn. Whilst we love to teach you how to meet women in real life, we also like to teach you how to have a killer online profile and know how to write a good message. In the age of Instagram having a well cultivated dating app profile and understanding what messages stand out from other guys will make all the difference.

Hayley has even been known to take a whole set of new pictures for Academy students on the live training weekend.


How to meet her IRL

Get a masterclass webinar on ethical ways you can meet women IRL. We’ll help you to move past your mental blocks and excuses that are stopping you interacting with women. We’ll also give you some simple structures to help you learn how to start natural conversations with her IRL, in an easy and authentic way.


Master Your Messaging

Being great at messaging makes a HUGE difference to your dating life: a great ice breaker message will help you get onto read, knowing when and how to ask her out will stop interactions going cold.

Most men DO NOT show their personality or individuality in their messages and don’t have any traction with online dating. I want you to be the 1% of men that stands out.

Get easy to use examples of how to write great messages, and personalised feedback on your messaging style from Hayley Quinn.


Style Upgrade

Whilst we believe it’s what’s on the inside that counts: we also want to show you how to have the best personal style possible to present yourself as an attractive man. Get personal feedback on your current date style during our masterclass webinar with our in house style guru.


The Art of Great Conversation

Hayley’s next masterclass webinar is on the art of conversation. Learn easy to follow conversation tutorials to help you become a far better communicator: and never be stuck for what to say again. Hayley Quinn will also share with you her principles for authentic, natural conversations. We don’t want to turn you into a robot that says “lines” that you think will be effective; instead we’ll show you how to harness your natural personality and conversational style for your dates.


Planning a Great Date

Join our next group coaching call to talk about all things to do with asking her out. How do you effectively message women? When is the right time to ask her on a date? How to plan a great date that she’ll love? This is also a great opportunity to get personal insight and feedback from our female coaching team members. Take this one step further on the live training weekend with a mock date and clear feedback from our coaching team.


Masculinity and Sexuality.

A new edition to the Academy programme is an honest group coaching call with our masculinity and tantra coach. We recognise the need for men to feel supported and able to share how they think and feel about masculinity and sexuality. Learn practical, and esoteric, tools to connect to your masculine presence.


Taking things to the next level

There’s no point being pen friends with a woman online, or having a woman in your social circle for years without making a move.

We want to teach you ethical, honest and considerate ways to express interest in her in a way that she’ll love. We also want to give you guidance on touch, consent, and having an incredible physical experience with her.



Round off your Academy journey with a goodbye webinar and quiz. As an Academy graduate you will receive 6 month access to all the course materials you’ve received over the previous 10 weeks, a growing community to support you and an individual feedback report on your progress.

Hayley Quinn

Live Training Bootcamp Weekend*

(*Premium Academy attendees only)


An unforgettable weekend of over 20 hours of practical coaching. Head out with our coaching team to select London venues (we choose our locations carefully to fit your lifestyle) and meet more women in real life than ever before. 


Friday night (October 20th 2023)

Kick start your approaching journey with our first 5 set exercises and explore meeting women in bar venues. 


Saturday (October 21st 2023)

Discover meeting women during the daytime in everyday settings you’ll come to love. Join our mindset workshop and push past your limiting beliefs. Hang out at our team dinner, then head out for your second night finessing your approach. If you thought you could never approach a group of women or a woman you’re attracted to, you will be surprised by what you can achieve. 


Sunday daytime (October 22nd 2023)

Take an in-person masterclass workshop for your ‘specialism’. This could be a practice date with a wing woman, advanced approaching or conversation skills with Hayley. Enjoy a social with our women’s group. Leave this weekend with a deep sense of satisfaction that you’ve not only got the results you want: but you’ve stayed true to yourself, and formed new friendships along the way. 

What our customers are saying

“Something special!”

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“Great expereince!”

“Great coaches. Great content. Great experience.”


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  • Refunds & Support

Academy is held over 10 weeks. There are 2 course options available: online and premium. You can follow the whole online course from anywhere in the world. For Premium Academy you must be able to travel to London for our live training weekend: however all other modules can be delivered remotely.

7 X masterclass webinars (watch online from the comfort of your own home. All webinars are recorded so no problem if you miss the live session… though you will get the best coaching experience by participating in every session.)

3 x Group Coaching Calls: get the support you need every week.

Real-Time Digital Support: 24/7 feedback specific to you via our WhatsApp channel

Social Mixer Events: meet the guys (and girls), and make new friends for a lifetime

Individual Mentoring: with one of our top dating coaches throughout your journey and a personalised feedback report at the end.

Personal style feedback from our in house stylist*

An online dating do-over: let us re-create your profile in a way that makes her want to swipe right.

Weekly Challenges so you can stay accountable* (* Can be taken remotely from wherever you are based)

Premium Academy also includes 17+ hours of live coaching over a 3 day weekend spent in London. This is the fastest way to internalise the lessons of Academy and meet more women than ever before in real life.

We pride ourselves on creating a fun, friendly and supportive environment to work in. We also communicate with each other, and about others respectfully. You can also expect lots of practical advice and action steps that work in the real world.

A willingness to learn, access to wifi and a mobile phone. All other teaching materials will be provided by our experienced coaching team.

We spend time preparing you for this event: so can only accept advance bookings. Spaces are always limited due to having a limited number of coaches: we always maintain a 2-1 trainee/ coach ratio so you get plenty of individual attention. If you are unsure about whether this training program is for you, we’d advise you to chat with us to get more details.

As this is a live event we won’t be able to reimburse you if you have a change of heart: however, you will be offered the chance to transfer onto a later course date or exchange your Academy place for coaching credit. You will receive a follow-up call after the event to give your feedback to us, as we always want to improve as well! Plus there is 24/7 support during the course for our Academy students both from our coaching team and support workers.