How To Increase Your Value with Asian Women

The process of attraction and seduction is different with an Asian girl than it is with a more Westernised woman. Her differing cultural background means that the Asian girl has been raised and socially conditioned to view the process of courtship differently. I’m no expert on this (being British born & bred) BUT my Chinese wing girl Alexia Lee has some insider tips that should help you to understand how attraction makes a cultural shift… and how you can be mroe successful at dating Asian women

Admittedly, ‘Asian’ is an all-encompassing term that covers a vast region of different countries and cultures. So without wishing to indulge too freely in cultural stereotypes, there are still some common characteristics and personality traits that distinguish the Asian woman from her Western counterpart. Our Asian female PUA and wing girl Alexia Lee was on hand to break down in a succinct and straightforward manner how to build attraction with an Asian girl and hugely increase your value in her eyes.

Show you’re a family man.
Family is very important to most Asian women and is a big part of their culture and lives. Demonstrate to her that you care about your loved ones by talking fondly of them and saying what it is about them that makes you love them so much. This will show to her that you are a caring, loving man who has his priorities in life right.

Get her advice on family gifts.
Stuck for what to get for Mother’s Day or searching in vain for a gift for your sister? Ask her for ideas! Not only will she be happy to help but she will be impressed by the fact that you put a lot of thought and care in to what you get your loved ones. She will also be slightly envious and wish for that level of attention to be lavished on her!

Introduce her to your family and friends.
Integrate her in to your social circle. Show her you care about her and where your relationship might be going by letting her meet and spend time with the people you care most about in life. You will impress her with your level of maturity and earnestness and she will be much more likely to return the favour and introduce you to her family and friends.

Talk with passion about your friends.
Tell her what it is you love about your friends and why you choose to have them in your life. Coming across as a good and loyal friend will skyrocket your attraction in her eyes.

Make the effort with her family and friends.
If she introduces you to her family and friends, consider it a privilege and honour. Be respectful and make the effort to connect and have good relationships with the people who mean most to her in her life.


So there it is, five clear steps from our Asian wing girl Alexia Lee on how to get that hot Asian girl and keep her too.

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