Changing your boyfriend instead of changing your life?

I received some interesting stats this Christmas from dating app Clover about women’s desire to change their relationship over the Christmas/ NYE period. Really.


Now I know that there are lies, damned lies, and statistics but I think there’s some truth in this one. When the chips are down (or in this case your earnings) you’re more likely to look for an affair.

I think that sounds correct- because affairs and cheating are never simple matters of someone just fancying someone else whilst being in a relationship. They’re complicated riddles of self esteem, validation and a desire for change.

If you’re not earning what you want, if you’re bored of your life, then the first person who you want to replace is often your partner.

And believe me sometimes they’re worth chucking. However it’s always worth taking a moment to second guess yourself. Often we want the quick fix, the scapegoat and the easy way out… yet it’s always the hard road, the self improvement and the relationship that you work at that pay the best dividends.

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