Don’t Please Him, Please Yourself

I am a woman who doesn’t go in for man pleasing in ANY FORM.

I am not a fan of:

  • Wearing clothes I don’t like because he finds them visually stimulating. I’m sorry but stilettos are in no way practical for an urban environment. I would like to see a guy negotiating the tube on tiptoes. Just wouldn’t happen.
  • Cooking and all other kinds of domestic drudgery. True story: I once asked my partner how to cook pasta. He told me not to bother and I considered this a victory.
  • Letting guys decide stuff in relationships. Since when did God decide that the ones with penis’s choose when it’s a proper relationship, when to see other people, when to make those fundamental steps forward.couple

I know I am on the extreme edge of F-that traditionally womanly stuff. And I do know that sometimes there’s a value in dressing nice, just for you. And fundamentally baking is not anti-woman, in fact lots of men make very nice brownies.

But all these thoughts aside I get genuinely aggravated when men deem it their decision to say when it’s on/off. Or (worse) if you should see other people to liven things up a bit.

You know what, if you want a more open relationship, all power to you. They can be enjoyable, fun, valid ones to participate in… but letting a guy cajole you into one is bananas.


…Is a good space to start. Doing what he says isn’t a recipe for keeping him or saving anything. Instead it will make you an insecure, upset person for not standing your ground. For letting him say that the big prize is having his penis beside you at night.

I can learn to bake, I can see a stylist but this one idea we should never compromise on. Stick to your ideals and never be ashamed to ask for what you want. Don’t please him, please yourself.

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