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A Modern-Day Love Story

I'm going to tell you a modern-day love story. Move over Shakespeare!

May 31, 2013
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Here it goes...

(I'm warning you now though, you may have heard it all before).


I was waiting for the train one morning, and as usual, the service was running late. Bored I looked down the platform and I saw a cute guy.I smiled.He smiled back but didn't move.

'Ok, I'm going to have to make the first move' I thought. Luckily I'm very cool with that... I believe everyone should be ok to take the initiative they need to lead the life they want.

So I made some comments about the announcements about the service being muddled up, but the conversation didn't really take off. We sat opposite one another on the train but as he didn't say anything more I assumed he didn't like me.

(Just think back to all the times when you've not asked for her number- this is what she feels!!)

A lifetime later

So I went about my life and forgot all about my modern-day love story... Until I got a message 3 weeks later via a social networking profile of mine!

A few thoughts struck me straight away:

1. So he did like me?!

2. I wish he'd asked for my number then & there rather than via a social networking site 3 weeks later. That would have been a ton more courageous, romantic & shown me he was the kind of guy I had to date.

3. At least he tried- better than nothing... but how did he get my name???

So it turns out he must have overheard me on the phone to a friend... then googled me.

Even stranger I wasn't 100% put off by this - because I get it! Asking people out who you've just met, is hard!

On those grounds, I tried to engage him in some friendly conversation - hoping he would take the initiative and ask me out.Instead, the conversation leads nowhere, it felt like an interview. I understood that he was probably waiting for the right moment to ask the question... but I admit I became bored.


So I gave up. Not because I wasn't attracted to him, not because he'd done anything creepy, but because I know I want a man who is direct, honest and SEXY about what he wants.

I know I'm not the only woman that thinks this way (which is why I created Hayley Quinn Club for women just like me!)

But before a woman runs after you down the street- why don't you become the hero of your own story?

Go rock her world, have an adventure and (most importantly) let yourself know that you can lead the life of your dreams.

Get started on that first chapter today...

Speak soon,

Hayley x

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