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Fitness for Attraction

Is fitness a key factor to build attraction?

March 22, 2012
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I am a huge believer that feeling good about yourself is the key to having a successful dating life. You feel great about yourself by doing things that build your self-esteem and make you feel positive. Sometimes these self-esteem boosters are external acts. For example making sure you feel fit, healthy and at your best. So let's talk about fitness!

I may be a dating coach but I used to work as a personal trainer and I still believe in whole lifestyle transformation.

In this blog, I wanted to share with you my latest video interview. I want to show you how fitness, how feeling fit, can also make you feel sexy & boost your self-esteem. This can, in turn, help you to create more attraction with women.

It's utterly win-win!

I am joined on the couch by Jamie Alderton to talk about men's body types, building a healthy lifestyle and confidence.

Hayley is joined by Jamie Alderton in this video, where both discuss men's body types and fitness for attraction

If you want your whole lifestyle made over I am happy to talk to you about special programmes designed just for you: incorporating personal training, styling and (of course) dating advice. Just drop me a line about my bespoke training courses and I will personally get in touch. E-mail me at hello@hayleyquinn.com today!

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