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How To Speak To A Woman During The Daytime

Meeting women at 3 am in a club can be fun, but surely it must be nicer to speak to a woman during the day?

March 9, 2012
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Meeting women at 3 am in a club can be fun, but surely it must be nicer to speak to a woman during the day? There are many ways and places you can meet the women during the day (read my other blogs on this: How to approach a woman in a coffee shop, How To Recognise The Signs- Approaching Women On The Street) but today I want to give you some starting tips!

You are sure that you have successfully approached the woman! Two of you had a great conversation and you showed megawatt persistence in getting her number. But somehow it still didn't quite work?As a female dating coach, I am out pounding the streets of London week in, week out, and I get to witness (and participate in) hundreds of approaches. Here's my take on why you might be failing in your attempt to speak to a woman during the daytime.

Speaking to women during the daytime 101

First of all, regardless of the outcome, always focus on positives-reward yourself and recap what you did brilliantly before you analyse where you could do better! And remember, we always strive to get better!

We all know that starting something is half of the job. You might be inclined to approach her with questions such as: 'How is your day going?'But using questions implies the need for a reply and she does not owe you one!

Use assumptions

Starting the interaction with assumptions is always a good thing. It is definitely a more effective way ofsteering, and keeping the conversation going than just slipping into 'interview mode'.

You can say something like:'You seem like a London girl', or 'I might be guessing here, but you seem like you are an artist.'

Depending on the situation, you might want to use one of these great opening lines:

To notice someone on a phone or laptop, or juggling tasks say- 'I like your amazing hand-eye coordination.'

You can comment on actions people take that differentiate them from others.'I like how you’re fully emersed into your book.'

A great first line is a comment on the space around you. 'I like how this place has an inviting vibe.'

Observe her non-verbal signals

Women are excellent at both verbal and non-verbal communication. When meeting someone for the first time, whether that is in a coffee shop or on the street, look for the non-verbal signals. They will tell you if you should proceed with your approach or simply wish her a lovely day and leave.

Sometimes by verbalising her non-verbal actions you can lead the interaction and helps her to relax.But be careful not to over validated women. Too many compliments may invoke opposite reaction of expected one and turn the whole interaction into a game that she is in the control of.

She's only going to be able to feel attracted to you if you are mirroring her efforts.

When it comes to over-complimenting it's safe to say that people never value something they have lots of. So use compliments sincerely and sparingly.

Be sincere

Whether you are trying to speak to a woman during the day or evening, always avoid using lines that might sound like they have been used before. Lines such as:

'Walking straight by me without saying hi to me'

These can come off as insincere or label you as a playboy. You do not want to come across as someone who is fishing of the first opportunity using the same bait over and over again.

There's a lot of plates to spin: and you can never fully control how things go. But by talking to women in their language, keeping it sincere, giving honest compliments and working always with what you want you to stand the best chance of cracking even the toughest cases.

If you want to become better at speaking to women during the daytime, join our Hayley Quinn Club today!

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