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The best 'line' to use when she says 'no' to your date

The perfect date line

April 30, 2015
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Ok so I don't usually go in for teaching little 'quick tricks' and 'lines' but this line is so neat, so honest and so effective I had to share it with you...

Do you feel a woman is 50/50 about meeting you? Which remember, we're forgiving her for because she doesn't know you that well yet! So how does she know if she wants to see you?  

This little line can help bump her (nicely) from NO to YES because:

  • Is so clear that she feels assured with what she's signing up to
  • She respects you being masculine and assertive
  • It's non-negotiable ;-)

.... so when she says she's not sure/ doesn't know if she's free all evening/ if the meeting is a good idea etc

Your line is "so here's the plan"

Then you go on to state exactly what you're going to do like...

So here's the plan- we'll meet straight after work for a quick drink then you can still get to your friend's birthday!So here's the plan! This week is out- so let's just make a firm plan to get drinks Monday instead!So here's the plan. You thought my last idea sucked (mean) so I'm going to counter suggest we leave the food and just shoot for a quick cocktail instead!

Whatever her objection is seek to resolve it, reassure her and get her onto that date so you can show he every reason why she should have turned up!

P.S. Did you know that on my youtube channel I post videos which demonstrate my advice in real life? Have a look at this one that perfectly compliments the blog!

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In this video, Hayley shows her client the perfect way to arrange a date with a woman over the phone, without appearing needy.

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