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The Truth About Girls on Tinder

Tinder Social Experiment

November 27, 2014
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I'm here and today to exploring what men find attractive in terms of online dating with dating appTinder. I'm going to be putting up a combination of profiles and I will be testing which girls on Tinder the guys go for.

Will it be profile A? I'm just going to be normal Hayley but with an important point. An intelligently written, witty profile.Or are they gonna go for option B when I'm going to get the ultimate Tinder selfie makeover?

I can't wait! I know nothing about doing this so I can’t wait to see what I look like when I have fake eyelashes, makeup, hair, boobs lighting angles. It's all going to go on and I'm going to upload the second set of photos and do a secondary tinder profile, not with perhaps the most intelligently written description.

I'm gonna see which one the guys like. Will it be option A which is intelligent, normal Hayley or will the art of the selfie prevail? And will option B when I was selfie queen on Tinder set guys rockin’?

Check it out!

True story I've never been on Tinder before so I don't know how it works. We're going to find out! So what I'm going to do is I'm gonna pick pictures of me which I would say are a normal representative shots of who I am.

Tinder Experiment: What type of women do guys want?

Sonia and Hayley, two girls on Tinder

As Sonia (profile B) I am getting a match every 10 seconds I would say so. I got 324 matches, over third more matches and they're all messaging me right now. I wouldn't say that the messages are quite good. The messages are quite more like hey how are you, you're gorgeous, you're sexy. As opposed to my other ones where people were inquiring about my life and my hobbies and my interests. Although a fake super selfie Tinder Sonia me is more popular than normal Hayley.

She's not astronomically more popular- normal Hayley got plenty of matches as well. But the matches that normal Hayley had have more of an interest in who she was as a person because I think that's what she was projecting into the universe.


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