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Who is Hayley Quinn and what does she do?

Hayley Quinn -The UK and London's leading dating coach

January 12, 2019
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London dating coach Hayley Quinn helps both men and women to improve their dating skills and meet more dates in real life.

In an interview with Dating News recently Hayley explained how she got started within the industry. With an interest of infiltrating it and bringing down from within as she felt that it was full of unscrupulous pick artists. She aimed to level the playing field by empowering men and women of all orientations and backgrounds. Also, she wanted to improve their dating confidence.

She had the idea of a teaching style that that would blend both the tools and techniques of the pickup artists. All whilst maintaining moral standards at the same time.

Hayley appears regularly as a pundit for 4 music’s Celebs Go Dating. Her TEDx talk back in 2016 have reached over 2 million viewers with its raw and real opinion on modern dating.

Searching for Love to escape ourselves: My TEDx Talk

A question often asked is `why do I need a dating coach?’. Well, in short, a dating coach like Hayley Quinn does not give people direct access to relationships. She rather teaches people the skills and techniques so that they know how to obtain them.

This gives people an important sense of independence. So when things go their way, they know why and if they don’t they know how to fix problems sooner and can but naturally more discerning about the people who they are dating.

A safety net that most people do not have the luxury of having is knowing that they may want someone but do not need them. Therefore allowing a person to be truly themselves in a relationship.

london dating coach hayley quinn

What does being coached by Hayley Quinn involve?

Hayley, alongside her team of coaches, runs group coaching over weekends in London and internationally. She is there on hand to help guide her clients through potentially nerve-wracking situations. All of this with the right techniques and give them feedback on approaches done live at the moment.

Hayley also takes clients out one to one on the streets and bars of London as getting people that she’s coaching to take action as opposed for waiting for the right person to come along is a much more effective way of finding a partner.

In 2017 Hayley began running her `going renegade’ events for women.

This style of assertive and fast-paced approach to be taught to women has been perceived as a fairly unconventionally. But as it stands it is the fastest growing and most successful event for women in Europe.

The ethos at the Hayley Quinn Academy is not to wait for love to come your way. It is to make a consistent effort to create better chances of meeting people.

Hayley has had many success stories including clients that have found partners, long term relationships and even marriages.

So what are you waiting for?

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