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3 New Years Resolutions that will help you find love

You may not realise it but if you’re not meeting anyone then you’ve probably developed some unhelpful habits that are stopping you from finding love (or at least someone you really fancy..). If there are a few New Years resolutions that are worth keeping it’s these.

Start to change this today by making these 3 New Years resolutions for 2015.

1. Exit the house (& head where he’s hanging out…)

We’ve just exited Christmas which seems to press on an internal snooze button and so I do understand a natural desire to gravitate towards front lying, book reading and bad repeat TV. However, nothing exciting ever happened to people who stayed sat on their sofa (unless they got a really sexy house guest).

So in order to meet him, you have to go to places not only where there’s a volume of people but where he might actually hang out. In 2014 you might have done a great job of exiting the house- but not such a good job of thinking where he’s hanging out. If you want an entrepreneurial, successful man for example- I can promise you he doesn’t have time for Meet Up. So think wisely and spend your time consciously.

2. Don’t judge too quickly

If you have a habit of walking into a bar (or anywhere with a lot of men) taking 2 seconds to look around and just think ‘NO’ then you’re not looking fairly. Likewise if – after a bad experience- you can no longer date guys who are accounts managers, like karate movies, or who are called Phil we need to readdress this.

You are in a state of shut down when it comes to your dating options- and your quick judgements are preventing you from judging guys on their individual merits (or demerits). Trust me there a lot of good guys out there, and most people are very interesting if you take the time to get to know them. So, date out of type and open your eyes to who could be much better for you than you think.

3. Send out the right signals.

Dating is complicated enough without our communication with the opposite sex being more complex than the enigma code. Most decent guys don’t immediately cotton on that you like them (in fact men have a bewildering habit of thinking the women who do like them, don’t, and vice versa).

So whilst it’s tempting to think ‘well I could do that… but it would be too obvious I’d go for the simplest route forward rather than the one that keeps him guessing.

By being clearer, more open-minded and by ‘turning up’ you’ll already be putting the building blocks in place to have 2015 that is DIFFERENT…and the one you were waiting for.

If you want a bit of support in your dating journey why not schedule a session with me?

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